Hello world!

Hi! My name is Iyesha Alexander. I am a wife, mother of two handsome boys, Disabled Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, and overcomes. Hailing from Anderson, SC by way of Elizabeth, NJ I inspire others to Live Out Loud and Dream Big.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would have my own business I’ve probably would have laughed at you uncontrollably.

Let’s reflect on my past for just a second. I’m a girl from the projects who grew up in the foster care system, never finished high school who later on in life was homeless with a child after getting out of the military.

I say this not for you to feel sorry for me but so you can see how God made a way out of no way! He placed this opportunity in my face not 1 time, not 2 times, but 3 times just for me to step out on faith because I had just lost my job and all I had to my name was $150. I know your wondering well if I only had $150 how was I able to afford my own business, how much do it cost? It’s actually only $99 to start your own business with It Works. By the way it’s the best $99 I’ve ever spent and the only $99 that actually made me money.

So how does It Works? Well this business is so simple it only has 3 steps.

Step 1: You join the business and I will teach you how to make residual income just like that residual light bill you get every month.

Step 2: You get 4 people to try our products at your discount price of 40% off.

Step 3: You get 3 people who could use some additional income for daycare, vacation, or bills and you teach them the same exact steps.


I too was skeptical about the products claiming to do what I does but to be quite frank, “It Works!” I mean these products really work. Look at these ahhh-mazing results from our flagship product. The Wraps are a non woven cloth infused with botanicals and herbs. You leave it on for 45 minutes and drink plenty of water and boom just like that you have Ahhh-mazing results. I too was a skeptic but once you try it you will fall in love with it. I would love for you to check out my website and read some other testimonials and of course check out the products in my shop. If you’ve stumbled onto this page by accident trust me when I say, “God is trying to tell you something!” This may be the sign you’ve been looking for.